Roof garden of a building complex in Milan

Squared garden in Milan Porta Volta

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A 3,600 sqm roof garden in Milan at the centre of the building complex designed by the architect Gaetano Lisciandra. The project adds an embracing outdoor space for the residents without sacrificing the comfort of having a parking garage in the city centre. Technical solutions borrowed from green roofs create a fluid environment, in which the structural, functional and natural elements interact with each other. Landscape design is inspired by the homework pages: the square flooring elements connect each building to the green areas in a neat yet unpredictable way. Isles of lawn, patches of shrubs and trees chase each other respecting the orthogonal rule but skipping lazy symmetries. Large WPC platforms invite you to enjoy the sunshine – sometimes hiding a technical element. Everything is ordered like in an exercise book: even ventilation grids, drains and gutters join the composition with the help of ballast filling. A roof garden where imagination can play with the zigzag outline of the flower beds, like at schooltime.

Client: Nexity Immobiliare, Studio Iorio srl
Location: Milan, Porta Volta, Italy
Site area: 3,600 sqm
Year: 2016 (design), 2018 (construction)
Partners: architects Gaetano Lisciandra, Giovanni Barni, Umberto Beneventano
Services: Preliminary design, executive design

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