pink flowering shrub with tiny leaves

outdoor living room in riyadh

An additional living open-air room, with blooming flowers and screening plants. The restyling of the courtyard of a private residence in Riyadh created an elegant and refreshing garden to welcome the family.

A new wood deck has been installed over existing paving. A ready-made solution to add personality to a space without the need of expensive excavation work. The raised wooden boards are also good to hide the irrigation system.

Slight changes of level separate different areas and entertain the eye with their rhythm. Furniture is reduced to a few, studied elements. A neat and practical design is the key to design a patio in Saudi Arabia where sand storms are frequent. Light design is also essential to enjoy the garden. Summer heat is intense, with daytime temperatures that may exceed 50°C, therefore open spaces have to be created thinking of nightfall, adding the scent of flowers and leaf shadows to let imagination go far away. In this project, elements with integrated lighting such as Paloma bird and Vas-One by Serralunga add focal points to the gently lit composition.

As landscape designer, I am interested into turning apparent disadvantages into a key feature. This has to do with respecting the Genius loci, the spirit of place. The project reinvented the high walls enclosing the property for privacy reasons. Boundaries are at the base of any garden, so I decided to add lush climbing vegetation and tall shrubs along them and to frame entrances and passages with wooden screens tall just as much as needed, to enhance the feel of being in a Hortus conclusus.        

Construction works have been completed in 2014.

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