Airy indoor green at la forgiatura

Hall Raimondi, Milan

The indoor green design for the atrium of the Raimondi building at ‘La Forgiatura’ complex takes advantage of the bright architecture. Airy fronds of Howea forsteriana, Rhapis excelsa and Chamadorea metallica welcome employees and visitors. Planting is arranged in homogeneous masses: quartered behind the desk, gathered as if in conversation in the lounge area or arranged in a row like they’re snooping around. The aim is to bring nature near, thus enhancing well-being in the workplace.
The lime green containers hide a trick. They are vessels filled with expanded clay and provided with a tank. Hydroculture allows to minimize maintenance, water consumption and typical indoor plants diseases. The light cultivation substrate also facilitates staging operations for events.

Location: Raimondi building, La Forgiatura campus, Milan, Italy
Year: 2015 (design), 2016 (construction)
Partners: arch. Giuseppe Tortato, HW-STYLE srl, Studio ing. Carlo Bossi
Services: Indoor green design, assistance to the selection of providers of vegetation and accessories, works supervision

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