living wall project in Rome by Valerio Cozzi

Cubik, living walls in Rome

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A cozy home covered by a dense foliage growing on tailored living walls. In Rome, the redevelopment of a small building settled between taller buildings has been solved by a four-sided vertical garden with doors and windows: a garden in which to enter and forget the world outside. The species selection depends on light exposure: varieties of Clorophytum, ferns and Vinca for the spots with more hours of shade, Geranium macrorrhizum and Erigeron karvinskianus for the brighter ones. The living walls panels hosting the vegetation are installed on the facades through steel frames with anti-corrosion treatment and stainless steel fasteners and connectors. Small carpentry details add on the natural effect by concealing the integrated fertigation system. The decision to grow vegetation on the facade saves space and allows the owners to set the courtyard according to their needs. The vegetation already on site along the boundaries of the property has been recovered and enhanced through appropriate pruning and additions to increase the immersive effect.

Location: Roma, Italy
Site area: 97 m2
Partner: Peverelli Srl
Year: 2015 (design), 2016 (construction)
Services: Concept, preliminary and construction project, planting design, construction works supervision

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