renewed courtyard in milan

courtyard renewal in milan makes room for a private spa

An outdoor Jacuzzi to relax surrounded by nature in the courtyard of an independent house in Milan, in the historical district named Vigentino. To create a quiet oasis, a raised deck integrates both the planting area of ​​the vegetation and the volume of the above-ground hot tub. The immersive effect is enhanced by climbers growing on custom-made grid panels installed on limit walls. The space is managed balancing privacy with the request to maintain the driveway access and the possibility to use part of the area as a parking lot. The layout is inspired by the waving, well-raked gravel of Japanese gardens. The range of materials is minimalist and in line with the post-industrial style of the building: metal for structures and planters, wood for decks and furnishing, natural stone for the floors. Modern simplicity is achieved by refined details such as the vase with a cut to accommodate the beautiful existing Salix matsudana or the fluid laying of the paving.

Location: Milan, Italy
Site area: 75 sqm
Year: 2007 (design), 2008 (construction)
Partners: archh. Elena Radaelli, Elena Bianchi

Materials: Iroko wooden deck, Quarzite di Vogogna (light green), galvanized and painted steel, river pebbles

Species: Chamaerops humilisPhyllostachys aureaTrachelospermum jasminoidesVinca major

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