raised bed with aromatic plants and fruit tree in the courtyard of a renovated farmhouse near Pavia

Campus Spark, renovated farmhouse near Pavia

white roses anc contemporary rural architecture
stripes of aromatic plants and white roses
ramp integrated in the raised bed design for full accessibility
Ferns and corten at the shady passage between the two main courtyards at Campus Spark
Stipa grasses and Verbena clouds at Campus Spark in Bereguardo, near Pavia
The BBQ area with wooden benches and feathery herbaceous border around
WPC deck, grass and herbaceous borders at Campus Spark
wooden path to outdoor conversation area
wooden bridge over a river evoked by river stones and herbaceous masses
Autumn colors at Campus Spark
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Design of the outdoor spaces of Campus Spark interprets the features of the traditional, Lombard agricultural landscape in a contemporary way. Here, manicured gardens, fruit trees, feathery hedges and canals tell the fashination of an international hi-tech firm for this old farmhouse. The location is near the Visconti’s Castle in Bereguardo (Pavia). The renovated architectures find a link with the territory thanks to the neat, compact aromatic carpet that illuminates the entrance courtyard. The design of the square raised bed incorporates a wide ramp granting a fully accessible environment. Persimmon and cherry trees and field maples await the first cold weather to colour autumn. High weaving grasses accompany the paths of the central courtyard and enclose the conversation and BBQ areas designed for the users of the multifunctional and coworking quarters. River Ticino and water of the typical nearby canals are recalled with a strip of river stones that runs along and under the walkways made of WPC wood. The new structures, including also a dining area, gym and rooms for selected guests shade the passage between the two main courtyards. This provides perfect growing conditions for a soothing, dense parterre of ferns and bigleaf periwinkle. Carefully studied coplanarity of paving materials and integration of ramps and level transitions in the design of the open spaces make the site comfortable and safe for everyone.

Where: Bereguardo, Pavia, Italy
Area: 1.275 sm
Parner: Giuseppe Tortato Architects
Year: 2015 (project), 2017 (opening)
Services: Concept design, Executive design, Construction works assistance

Sketch od ramp integrated with raised bed designed by Valerio Cozzi for Campus Spark
Concept design of the raised bed with integrated ramp by landscape designer Valerio Cozzi
Sketch of the raised vegetable beds and of the BBQ area at Campus Spark by Valerio Cozzi
Sketch of the conversation area and of green isles at Campus Spark, by Valerio Cozzi landscape designer
sketch of the paving and garden areas at Campus Spark, by landscape architect Valerio Cozzi
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Campus Spark, concept design of the courtyards. Sketches by Valerio Cozzi.

Today the Bereguardo complex is home to the Campus Party Sparks: an e-sports academy providing training and talent boosting to players and video gaming professionals, together with consultancy to succeed in the business of video gaming on an international scale.