The formula for designing the perfect garden? It gives different results every time, and rightly so.

Valerio Cozzi

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I am an architect specialized in designing landscape and open spaces. I work in Italy and Middle East supported by a multidisciplinary team of collaborators and consultants.

Based near Milan, I develop projects at all scales as designer, project manager and consultant for clients and in partnership with other architects and professionals. I design parks, open air and inner gardens, terraces, green roofs and green walls for residential, educational, corporate and commercial contexts.  

Italian taste for quality and beauty, combined with responsive attitude and technical expertise grown in over twenty years of working experience are my way to make this world a better place, one garden at a time.

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Feasibility studies, concept, preliminary, detailed and construction design, landscape analysis, environmental mitigation. Site-specific design of pools and water features, scenographic lighting. Outdoor furniture design and selection. Tender assistance, collection and evaluation of proposals, Bill of Quantities, Specifications


Works supervision, artistic supervision, control of the execution of works, as-built, assistance at testing of works


Guidance about the choice of outdoor paving solutions and materials, drainage, irrigation systems, lighting, water features. Architectural and botanical surveys, agronomic and phytosanitary assessments for managing needs and administrative formalities, landscape permits

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Selection of works completed or in progress, for private clients, companies or other professionals. We are working to improve our website, come back soon to see more projects, thank you!